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Do  you want to rid yourself of the negative energy or experiences that has affected your life?  Would you like to find greater clarity, purpose, and peace in all areas, whether it be love, money, relationships,  career, life purpose, body image, life transitions, or emotions?

Working together with my Equine Partners, we can help you in pinpointing your unfinished business.  YES! You read that correctly - PARTNER with HORSES.  The Horses and I are ready to share that partnership with you through a creative interactive experience that is unique to each individual and each situation. We will help you clear the pain & energy that is holding you back on your path to success and happiness. 

Horses, positive coaching, Gestalt methods, guidance, energy &  body awareness, are interwoven in an individual unique way to help you examine your life and choices, clear influences from  anything that has been preventing you from becoming your best self and living the life of your dreams. What better way to free yourself from what's holding you back than by working with HORSES, the Masters of Freedom.  It’s OK if you have never met a horse or even if you are scared of horses.  While those already comfortable with horses leave with that deeper connection, that they too, have been seeking.  Horses are natural Healers. Their high vibration and instinctive energetic  connection are keys to unlocking our inner strength and potential.
Are you ready to release & clear past influences & to explore a future of personal, professional,     relationship or spiritual growth?  My horses have a message for you—Schedule a session today to find out what it is. 

Individual, Family, & Group Sessions, Retreats.

Sessions can be done with or without direct contact with horses.
NO horse experience necessary as there is NO riding involved